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Taking your trumpet with you on an airplane can sometimes be a little nerve racking but if you follow a few guidelines you should be OK.

WARNING- NEW PASSPORT REQUIREMENTS for travel to Europe require that your passport has at least six months time remaining before it expires. If you arrive at the airport with less than six months time remaining  before your passport expires, the airlines may very well not allow you to board your plane. This little known rule turns back thousands of travelers every day.

1. Carry on baggage allowance can vary by airline so be sure to know what the your airline’s policy is for carry on luggage. Go to your airline’s website and look at their baggage allowance rules.

2. Know the size of your trumpet case in linear inches. Each airline will describe their carry on baggage limits in linear inches as L x W x H  and total inches. If your trumpet case is over the limit they can refuse to let you board the plane with your trumpet case.

3. Many airlines will allow two carry on items, often a handbag and or computer and your additional carry on, which will be your trumpet case.

4. Try to be the first to board the plane so that you can get your horn into the overhead bin.

5. Always check for any changes to your airline’s baggage policy.

6. Airlines are now required to allow small musical instruments, such as a violin or guitar, to be carried into the cabin and stowed in approved stowage spaces, if available, and/or under the seat.

7. Once safely stowed, airlines cannot require passengers to remove their instruments, even if space taken by their instrument could accommodate one or more other carry-on items.

8. Airlines cannot charge an additional fee for instruments as carry-on or checked baggage other than any standard fee imposed by the carrier.

9. Airlines are now required to train air crews, gate agents,counter agents and baggage personnel concerning appropriate procedures necessary to comply with all FAA musical instrument transportation policies.

Those of you interested in reading the rule can do so here: